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Facebook forward

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06 Sep 12
Written by Alexandra Coroian
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Everybody is talking about it these days. How it's changing the traditional ways of online advertising, putting more focus on user interaction and freedom of expressing opinions. Talking or dreaming about viral marketing on Facebook, many advertising professionals loose from sight the very mean of getting famous online. Sure, it would be nice to have hundreds of friends, likes and posts on your company's wall. But how exactly do you get Facebook celebrity? Pushing social media forward can amount to concentrating your efforts on certain types of actions. Here are 6 tools to improve your Facebook activity :


1. View as another

It's the easiest way to ensuring your virtual reputation stays intact. As you publish more an more photos, update your news feed and interact with customers, it is recommended that, from time to time, you check the way others see your profile. To access this feature on Facebook, click the settings icon next to “Activity Log” and then click “View As.” From here on you'll be able to check out how specific users see on your page while visiting.


2. Brush off unwanted stories

Maintaining a daily activity on Facebook will ensure that your page stays clean. Don't spend all your time browsing through the status updates, but use this opportunity to brush off advertising messages or posts that may pollute your page.


3. Chat sign-off can help you stay on time

For those who hate having to chat instead of solving important issues, the “turn of chat” option in Facebook's Settings, can help save a lot of time. Please note that this action will blot out chat from your profile and the messages will be delivered to your inbox. If you're searching for a less radical measure, you can always appear offline to some people. While in the chat window, go to Advanced Options and choose which friends you want to see your online status.


4. Looking through history

To observe your progress and changes made in time, you have the option to download your Facebook history. Look at all your archive info by clicking the “ Download a copy of your Facebook data” link, which you can find in the Account Settings page, at the bottom of the options list. You can use the Wolfram Alpha tool to even break down your Facebook history. Write “Facebook Report” in the search bar, and after approving and rolling up the application, check out the graphs and data points provided by this web tool.


5. Pop-up notifier

In case you leave your Facebook chat opened but forget to check if there's anything that needs your attention, this Facebook Chat Notifications plugin will generate pop-up notifications on your screen, to make sure you don't miss a thing.


6. Firefox Add-ons

Are useful at getting through some parts of using Facebook more rapidly. Use the Like the page tool that lets you share pages which don't have an integrated Like or Share button. The small “like” button can be found on every Firefox page.

Another interesting tool helps you return to a less commercial Facebook. FB Purity lets you hide all type of data such as notifications, birthday reminders or links exchanged on your page, leaving your FB profile as clean as you wish.

Using the Jentla Marketing Hub Social tab, you can check out your Facebook profile, posts and timeline. You can post, delete and manage all from one place only.

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