Found your users yet?

Found your users yet?

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06 Sep 12
Written by Alexandra Coroian
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Sounds pretty easy – getting your site and social media accounts to be viewed by hundreds, thousands of people. From thought to action, there are great distances to be covered. Looking for ways to obtain customer attention? Don't go and look for new users in the vast online dessert. We've gathered up some expert's opinions on how to achieve great visibility in the shortest amount of time possible.


1. Costs of acquisition – yes, users are acquired, just like any other online merchandise. Those who don't acknowledge the budget expenses which are due to this process, will loose from sight an important charge.

2. Users revenues – exist, no matter that we are talking about a virtual world, the online transactions made are very real. Users have to bring in revenues, direct or indirect, otherwise, they have not been chosen well or have no purpose in your marketing strategy.

3. Balancing - the costs of acquisition, compared to revenues generated by your users. The best strategy would be in a nutshell - your cost of acquiring a customer has to be much lower than the revenue per user”, as described on Which is not an easy thing to do, not because the getting is expensive , but because the online revenues are usually pretty low.


What you basically do

So, you've prepared your quality content, enhanced your site's design and made it easy to view, read, navigate. What do you do? You wait for the user “invasion”? Here are some good advices to start acquiring users asap, practiced webwide, summed up by :

1. Sharing with friends – make sure that all content on your site has email and IM features, so that visitors can exchange this information with their online friends. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn badges are mandatory.

2. Bring them in – by auto-inviting email and social media address book lists. The application is simple and a bit annoying to some but can add hundreds of users from one click. Here is how it works: the users signs in and the site recognizes his/her email provider of social media network. It asks the user to log in to Gmail or Facebook and automatically sends invites to all the addresses/ friends in the specific list.

3.Offering free info – subscriptions and RSS feeds are not overrated as some users feel more comfortable with receiving periodical updates, rather than navigating the site daily. Sending them will ensure that the specific user can take a break from visiting your site and later choose to come back. Email messages can also be forwarded to third-parties.


How can Jentla help

  1. Grouping your users – and making them easier to manage. With the help of one application you can import and export users in csv files and group them according to numerous types of fields.

  2. Managing their permissions – from registered to publisher, Jentla users can perform different types of actions including posting and moderating comments, submitting and approving content, and view the specific part of the site that you choose them to see.

  3. Keeping them alive – while organizing active, inactive and to be deleted users, at your choice. Disabled users can be later activated. Their profile details are kept in the Jentla database.

Using Jentla's User Management section, you can create users to log in to multiple websites, you can pick and delete contributor's, limit their actions and activity and even import or export users.




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