Channel through

21 Nov 12
Written by Alexandra Coroian
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It's getting harder and harder to reach your targeted audience. That's cause, haven't you noticed, the old marketing techniques don't work anymore. Clients flee from all efforts of persuasion that involve information assaults. There is too much to be said in so little time. I for one don't respond well to unsolicited promotions arriving in my mailbox, through email or on my cell. Or don't respond at all, as I'm sure to throw any flyer, delete messages that invade my privacy with spam. Not to talk about direct approach, don't even let me go there...

So what works nowadays? Not what we are pretending that works, when are in fact watching a tone of cash flying out the window?! But what really brings in results.

Channeling through. Reaching your targeted audience in the place that they are most likely to hang out online. Not surely on Facebook or Twitter, although these networks are the busiest lately. But that one or 2 or 10 special channels ( including your website) which interest them the most. Where they chat, share stories, post photos and videos, search for merchandise or read the latest news. Places in which you can approach them using simple methods like sharing content, organizing events and actual person to person interaction.

Not trying to sell anything really, just by presenting yourself.

If you have no idea where your clients hang out online, then you have a big problem in your hands. For those who know what are their offline customers doing in the online world, here are the most important channels to reach them through Jentla Marketing Hub.


From the desk up

A website is very important, like a beautiful picture of yourself that you show to the world, a preview on the way you are doing business. An out-of-date, inactive website, can look exactly like a dusty desk. Or as a dull sales person. Its results, as in the offline world, are usually the same: loosing customers, dropping sales. Don't get fooled, an active Facebook account doesn't replace your own personal website. It's like chatting on the porch instead of inviting guests inside your house.

Nowadays, Facebook and Twitter are the places to be in, especially for creating a consolidated online community, extremely active and fast responsive. By using these marketing tools you benefit from their limitless possibilities : chatting with customers, exchanging news, opinions and reviews and enhancing the number of subscribers with every new friend added. Can transform rapidly into channel traps if you are using the networks to attract everybody and anybody. Add your Facebook friends and followers on Twitter wisely as a inert mass is like no mass at all.


A bit of HR

It's the most powerful professional social network website, exchanging news and views online since 2003. In the beginning it was mainly used by human resources representatives in search for the right candidates to fill in vacant positions. It has extended in time to cover many types of professional relations appealing to corporate, medium-size business owners as well as to small enterprises but also to college students and graduates. LinkedIn can give your business that professional polish you were looking for. Can do wonders for you HR department too.

Email marketing still has some clear advantages over the new types of online advertising. A minimum effective E-advertising strategy will contain periodical newsletters presenting your latest offers and news. Promoting campaigns through Email will ensure you getting the message across to targeted customers. Your messages will also be stored in an everlasting, easy to reach place: your email.

SMS are probably the most personal way of connecting to your customers. Being able to reach them with the help of mobile devices, gives you a full advantage on delivering efficiently the latest news, your special offers and, in this case, the messages of an active campaign. As for Email, SMS's sent through Jentla are received only to subscribed users.


+ is a number

It comes to no surprise - internet campaigns are "the IT" nowadays, engaging targeted audiences in activities which raise their sense of awareness and helping them interact. To start creating the best web campaigns in your industry, Jentla Marketing Hub gives you one clear advantage from the moment you access this application: turn of speed. Our latest application lets customers add and use their own channels, depending on their targeted audience, helping them reach prospects faster. Apart from the 7 channels available today you can also sent content through Google +, Pinterest, My Space or any other network that may be of interest to you.