It may be video, this time

07 Dec 12
Written by Alexandra Coroian
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Social media has started to loose ground, some marketing bloggers say. In the sense that, with every new user added to the millions already existing, you can't really differentiate right from wrong anymore. Cannot, if you're a company and handle hundreds or thousands of subscribers, which are not often paying attention to what you have to say.

“I would suggest that building a Facebook community and a fan base for a small business is now bordering on being too costly”, says marketing mag author, Simon Dell. Considering the problem from the other end, users report too much advertising on social media. Yup, some accounts are filled with spam messages, no wonder that, even though you might like a page, you can't always follow its activity. But, on this subject, check out this Sonia Simone interesting blog post.

While looking for ways to increase your influence on social media, look no more, as there are tons of options out there. Well, not exactly tons, but a few. At least one. Take for example video, as all voices who know something about online marketing seem to agree. Now this is the new way to attract customer attention! To see news reduced to video postings check out the very interacting digitalbuzzblog.


Show your face

And why shouldn't video become the most personalized manner of exchanging information? We were heading that way, weren't we? Social rules asked us over and over again to become personal, to speak like human beings, to stop selling and start interacting. We all have the chance to show our faces now.

By the looks of it, it's not going to be pretty though.


Careful now

Not so long ago, I came across the videos of Deborah Greyson Riegel, public speaking expert. That was, after turning youtube upside down in search of a good product presentation. This showed me two things then : there are people who actually know what they're doing when speaking in public and the majority of internet consumer's don't. Which leads to an optimistic reality : there is room for more video advertisers ( not to say a lot), but, if you take a chance, you'd have to know what you're doing.


The trick is

Creating videos would not be the hardest thing, as there are multiple tools and technologies to come to your aid. Deciding what it is that you want to say and sell and keeping your saying down to a minimum, that could be tricky.

Not to mention the distributing of your videos through the different channels, capturing the attention of your prospects and keeping the feed active.


One industry that benefits most from video adverts is real estate. Jentla Property Hub turns the process of video creating into an actual functional work-flow, with assignments distributed clearly, from agent to voice-over.


Have your say!

What do you think about video advertising? Do you think it is the new, improved way ofd advertising online? Who would benefit most from this type of story telling?


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