23 ideas for marketing right

23 ideas for marketing right

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26 Jun 13
Written by Alexandra Coroian
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So much talk about online marketing. It makes you really dizzy thinking about the millions of people having an opinion on the subject. While some of them are simply talking to the wind, there are some who are making a difference to providing important online marketing insights. In case you've missed their talks or sites, here's a sum-up of the best marketing ideas that you could use for your own business, from launching to making a profit :

1. Decide what you are selling. Create a strong brand

2. Decide who you are selling to. Identify your target customers

3. Sell originally. Choose your niche.

4. Take the time to evaluate your competition. Be where your competition is not

5. Visit niche events, talk to your customers

6. Participate in online marketing groups, and in Q&A forums

7. Build your audience, as a well-connected network. Start small, it's enough.

8. Optimize your website not only for search engines also for your target audience

9. Create a custom 404 page. Create a custom thank you page

10. Try using polls on your website to see how your readers feel about your content

11. Survey your customers for great ideas

12. A fun, free game can get customers to visit your site over and over again

13. Create landing pages that address specific problems your customers may face or advertising a specific product you are only launching

14. Create quality content – use explaining presentation videos and graphics. Reuse quality content. Use words that sell.

15. Share content on your site, underneath your blog posts, on social media and in your email signature

16. Utilize different communication channels

17. Create an editorial calendar

18. Link build. Offer your noncompeting business customers a link exchange

19. Reward existing customers. Run online/offline promotions

20. Get your business out into the community. Sponsor local events

21. Provide free, helpful information to your customers/ offer additional customer support online

22. Focus on your customers. Create a customer loyalty program

23. Enter business award competitions


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