Slow is the word of exception

Slow is the word of exception

Print Email we all see the world slowing down, and are finally able to find some time to look around : simply breathe the fresh air of one cool morning, look in surprise, noticing all.

Most of the times, though, life in the XXI century is simply the opposite: it picks up more and more speed, rotating chaotically. There is no time to analyze, to read-through or balance : what we see is what we get. Online most of all, decisions are made every second. Every site or presence has to be an attention grabber. You sell a lot if you're fast and you can't be that fast all the time. Nobody can.

Not without dropping your exceptional customers on the way.


Good digest

These are the good news delivered by Seth Goldin, to the normal, struggling, online businesses. You don't really need a time decelerator, as the one created last year by German designer Lorenz Potthast, to make it through.

Just make a decision : do you want to sell to the masses and keep up the crazy speed, or slow down naturally, to find your slow-consuming prospects?

The new, of exceptional quality products are slow, delivered to the ones who have the time and patience to digest refinement.


The movement

It all began with a 1986 protest against the opening of a McDonald's restaurant in Piazza di Spagna, Rome. It turned into a slow food organization, a slow city concept, and, finally, into a slow life philosophy, shared by many, but not organized or controlled by a single organization. The basic idea behind it is that the fulfilling our most important needs in life ( such as feeling loved, needed, the feeling of belonging), requires slowing down. Taking the time to fully understand what we are experiencing. A marketing specialist's dream come true.


What it really means

In the online world, it's translated into searching to buy extraordinary products, choosing these from millions of average options. On the other hand, from a business owner's point of view, taking the time to deliver quality content, for prospects who invest time and money in brilliant ideas.


It's only logical it will come to work this way

In a world filled with noise and clutter, something has got to make a difference. And it will no longer be the most present online business or the loudest one.

But the one delivering real information, thought through ideas and out of the ordinary products.

Take your time to create media and online products for the weird, for those are the people who care enough what they buy.

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