9 ways to get good looks online

9 ways to get good looks online

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It's wonderful. There is a site called lookbetteronline. Doesn't really matter what it does, it just serves my post's subject. So, yes, there are ways to look better online. Have you looked in your online mirror lately? Are you happy with the person staring back? You don't have to answer right away, especially because, we both know, there is no such thing as an online mirror....

But it is a proven fact, more and more businesses have started to invest in their online reputation. The reason for it : customers are constantly checking businesses' appearances. Even if you're not aware, they might not like what they see.

Why don't you look better online? Check out these simple ways for trimming your looks. No surgery involved.

  1. Use real details such as complete names, telephone, email and street addresses. Include descriptive photos and videos on your website. Don't be a stranger to your audience and they will trust you with their money.

  2. Create and respect privacy policies. They're made for a reason. Policies show you're taking yourself and your customers seriously.

  3. Record product testimonials. Don't overdo them with too much enthusiasm, they'll only look fake. If not happy with your own productions, hire a professional.

  4. Don't include your company's name in the website's title ( unless it really describes what you are selling). Search engines love the words contained in the title bar. Give them something to chew on, something your prospects will find easily.

  5. Include enough supporting information to make your site visitors buy. Unlike in an offline shop, customers can't touch the products, let them at least read the labels!

  6. Become part of a community that can recommend you and your products. A cool gang can back you up, in spite of bad reviews.

  7. Don't fuel bad reviews. Think of it this way : you can't please everyone and no one is perfect. Even your competitors are bound to get a few hate comments someday.

  8. Write product reviews for building reputation. They will also increase your online presence. Try for example writing reviews on books on amazon.com, about your favorite smart-phone app or about a podcast you've just listened to in iTunes store. Encourage your customers to post product reviews also ( don't publish only the high ranked ones, though)

  9. Be everywhere. As in high-school, the most popular teens are the most talked about.


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