Got your identity checked?

Got your identity checked?

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Who is you true self, being advertised on Facebook? Well, a company, a brand obviously, an account that respects all the limits and is granted with all the rights by the social network.

What about the people liking your page?I guess they are fans, interested in what you have to offer, who have tried or will try products and services.

Ever worry about not getting your Facebook identity in the spotlight? Are you not bringing together the right type of visitors? There are ways to get these right. With no bad news attached.


Who you are

Will not take you through the whole process of Facebook page creation. Wasn't even going to mention how important you cover photo may be. But these are the most important details that describe your brand identity :


These are the places to improvise

Most business pages use the same photo recipe : a product image for the cover and a logo for their profile photo on Facebook. And that's not bad. But try to be more inventive. Change your photos from time to time (just not too often, that would be confusing). When posting photos on your timeline, give your page visitors the unexpected : a delicious looking bread on a bakery's profile, probably wouldn't be it. A wheat berry image or a mill building vintage photo, on the other hand, might just do the trick.


Lifestyle concentrated

Facebook is about day to day experiences and your business page shouldn't be the same. Focus your efforts on staying real, on posting experiences that relate to your brand. The more in-house data, the more interesting your page will be to your prospects, believes strategy manager Barbara Pantuso. Sticking to the bakery example, photos of your employees pulling fresh bread from the oven or cutting bread slices are more eloquent than thousands product related data. Staff related events such as birthdays or other types of celebration usually interest your readers.


Target your publishings

There are some businesses that run after everything : try to get many likes fast, engaging with people without seeing their profiles and basically dreaming of viral Facebook posts in the blink of an eye. Most companies don't search for viral Facebook anymore, but for the small, concentrated communities that really care enough to buy their products. When posting on your page, think as a publisher : target your audience based on location, segment, product and post only the most relevant info.

One thing's for sure. As a brand or a person, Facebook controls the way you are expressing yourself and are perceived by others. To such a point to which we can really say it changes out identity : a little something to be remembered and taken advantage from.


+ Identity limitations

Facebook controls the way users express identity, believes Serena Westra, writer for the Institute of Network Cultures blog. These are the ways in which personal and brand accounts are limited to expressing their selves :

- users are limited to working on a sole interface provided by the software ( unlike other programs who let you change the code yourself to get new interfaces)

- there's a limited number of ways in which users can interact; for example, nobody can actually “unlike” anything on Facebook

- the simplified data is created to be easier to sell ( choosing between the two genders at account creation, can make a huge difference on the type of data you receive)

An exquisite approach towards identity and using identity in the future :

Another interesting view on Facebook identity change.



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