Visual Twitter. Making it work

Visual Twitter. Making it work

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Watching an image or reading? Which one would you choose? Compared to text, visuals are processed 60 000 faster in the brain. Well, it's no wonder then, that most social networks are making an impact through media files being delivered widely. Images are clearly the “it” nowadays, transmitting what no amount of words could ever.

36% of Twitter links have come to be images, is shown in a research conducted by LtuTech. The most powerful tweet ever is an image - of US president Barack Obama - but still, an image, gathering over 800 000 tweets and 300 000 + favorites. Just imagine what you can do with so much power, contained into a simple photo, acknowledged worldwide.

Wondering how to make the most out of this visual Twitter trend? Check out this list of smart ideas for achieving a picture perfect :


Make it personal

People love to relate to the person telling the story. Don't just tweet about your products and services, assuming that your followers will be blown away. Post a few pictures of the production process or even some snaps of the team working hard to deliver quality merchandise. Notice then the difference in your prospects relating to the story. Nobody wants to follow faceless brands, but people love interacting and buying from people.


Put things in the real world

And speaking about people: posting a photo of your best selling product on Twitter, may attract some attention. It's odd still, that even though online, most customers like to relate to the “real” side of the product, which is usually found offline. In other words, show your followers how it's used, where it's used, who is using your product, once it comes out of the box. Putting things into the “real” world with the help of an image, will only make your buyers trust you are real, also.


Look different (ish)

Which, I know, is a really hard thing to do, with all the data available out there. But, if you can't be 100% original, no worries. Go for the 60-70% original(ish) look and, still, you may still win some views.

You've heard it all before, but researching and keeping it simple, are sometimes the best ideas. Yes, knowing your competitors and using different, but simple visual languages, can be effective strategies.

Check out this Drop-box childish illustration, used to make a difference from the other storage services.


Use great visuals

Goes without saying that hard work is always acknowledged. Couldn't be a difference for Twitter : great pictures as in quality, original, innovative media will most likely be tweeted.


+ Check out all these cool Twitter media apps and tools, for you to see Twitter through better eyes.


Have your say!

What type of pictures are you publishing on Twitter? Which ones do you get the most reactions to?

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