A cloud of your own

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
23 May 2013
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This is a must have for all businesses in 2013, as numbers of cloud adopters have increased continuosly since 2009, bringing the worlwide cloud industry an estimated revenue of over 44.2 billion $ this year. Cloud adoption should happen for you, believes Ben Dobel editor at Small Business.

Cloud adoption is not for all, explains Sebastian Nemcek at Start2Cloud who advices caution when choosing your deployment method and explains both the benefits but also the disadvantages from cloud computing. “Making a wrong choice of model will lead to higher costs due to the complicated integration, insufficient security, or high maintenance costs compared to the other option”, writes Nemcek.

So what exactly are the do's and don'ts in terms of cloud adoption and, most importantly what's in it for you? Should you adopt a cloud of your own today or simply look away?


How to find the perfect alliance

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
03 April 2013
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It's quite easy to say : you need to be part of a community. Your blog needs expressing the right thing, in the right place, but also to have the perfect audience listening.

As easy as they may seem, some of these advices are not as easy to follow on the long run. We've talked about the advantages of creating a blogging alliance for yourself but haven't expanded on the means of gathering the perfect members to help you thrive. Here's some info on this subject, and details on how to specifically choose your online allies.


Design resolutions

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
03 December 2012
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At starting your website's design ( redesigning your website), there are some important screen resolution issues that you may have to solve. With all the different options available on the market ( retina display devices, tablets, mobile phones, televisions, etc), how can you choose the perfect resolution for designing your site?

If your website's design doesn't match the resolution of the display it is seen on, there are two things that can happen :

------>your site can appear cut-off, too small for the display's capabilities; this would happen for a small resolution site shown on a large resolution display

------>if your site has a bigger resolution then that of your display, your images on screen can appear too small or unreadable for your viewers

So, now, that we've agreed that your site's resolution has to match that of your display, let's see how you can achieve this goal, in 3 easy steps:


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