One tool kit for all contents

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
15 April 2013
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Writing incredibly good content is never enough, no matter how much time and effort you are investing into your article publishing. There are a lot of extra details that decide the faith of your product-related stories. To benefit from all opportunities, a tool kit for all contents would be useful. Take them out of the box and use them when needed:


Keyword mania

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
18 March 2013
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Our Jentla customers have been using the Metadata menu in Advanced Content Administration for a while now. Being able to scan the article for keywords, include key-phrases and metadata descriptions directly into the content's core, has been a great help. For those anxious to get to the next step and use more keywords, much easily, this is great news : you are now able to import a limitless number of keywords using a csv file in Manager Administrator.


5 ways to campaign right

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
08 March 2013
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When asked what is the special thing that makes a campaign go viral, most marketers don't have an exact answer. It's not the milk in the coffee or the pepperoni in the famous Italian pizza. People react to messages read online in unexpected ways. With all the random info being published and shared, it is hard to make sense of something in particular being posted. One thing's for sure : what you are online, impacts your offline business.

And yes, there are some aspects that can be predicted. Advices and tips that gave results and led mostly to successful online campaigning. Here's the top 5 I've found :


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