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Written by Alexandra Coroian
12 September 2012
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Sounds pretty easy – getting your site and social media accounts to be viewed by hundreds, thousands of people. From thought to action, there are great distances to be covered. Looking for ways to obtain customer attention? Don't go and look for new users in the vast online dessert. We've gathered up some expert's opinions on how to achieve great visibility in the shortest amount of time possible.


1. Costs of acquisition – yes, users are acquired, just like any other online merchandise. Those who don't acknowledge the budget expenses which are due to this process, will loose from sight an important charge.

2. Users revenues – exist, no matter that we are talking about a virtual world, the online transactions made are very real. Users have to bring in revenues, direct or indirect, otherwise, they have not been chosen well or have no purpose in your marketing strategy.


23 ideas for marketing right

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
26 June 2013
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So much talk about online marketing. It makes you really dizzy thinking about the millions of people having an opinion on the subject. While some of them are simply talking to the wind, there are some who are making a difference to providing important online marketing insights. In case you've missed their talks or sites, here's a sum-up of the best marketing ideas that you could use for your own business, from launching to making a profit :

1. Decide what you are selling. Create a strong brand

2. Decide who you are selling to. Identify your target customers

3. Sell originally. Choose your niche.

4. Take the time to evaluate your competition. Be where your competition is not


What is "average" in Facebook terms?

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
17 June 2013
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