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Written by Alexandra Coroian
26 September 2012
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Every business has something special to offer – whether it's a product, a service or the simple idea of how to sell. Every business owner prides him/herself with being the most original on the market in some extraordinary way. But still, with billions and billions of companies existent in the world, how can you really make a difference?

When having to face your online competitors, how will you convince the public that one product is better than the other, that your site and not somebody else's deserves to be read? The good news is you can try. The sad news is that you're most likely to fail, as marketers state lately.

I agree. You can't really make a clear difference from all your online competition. Trying too hard to stand out from the crowd can draw some attention on your goals. May not be the right kind of attention, though.


When trends go mobile...

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
01 October 2012
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Anybody noticed the special relationship people have always had with their phones? Although, the 90's cell phones were big and ugly, some machines didn't look good anywhere( talking about home phones), we have to agree that they've served their purpose down to the last dial.

Nowadays, when mobiles devices and smartphones do anything and everything all together, phones have become an integrated part of our daily routine and, as marketing experts say, will continue to increase their influence on our daily shopping habits. Not only that, mobile is ready to hold the online market trends, ahead of all other channels.

Worldwide mobile advertising market will exceed $5 billion in 2012, is showed in a research from Smaato, Inc. and is expected to reach $13.5 billion until 2015 (according to a research from Gartner).

For those taking advantage of this major lead, the odds are they will find better and better ways to relate to their customers through mobile.


Your own media expert

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
15 February 2013
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With the increasing importance of online media, the need for seeing in order to believe, has never been so vital.

Especially in real estate, no matter how a property is described to be, the most eloquent materials are still the photos and videos of the assets being sold. This is how the new role in Jentla Property Hub has come to be created.

The cinematographer handles all media to be advertised and prepares materials for scriptwriters, video-graphers and voice-over artists, while working closely with the agents. Read this topic to find out what exactly does the cinematographer and how you can benefit from its important role in real estate marketing.


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