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Written by Alexandra Coroian
13 September 2012
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There was a time when content was available only to a few fortunate consumers. When owning a good book or a lyric drama meant power and standing above the average. It is almost unbelievable nowadays – not being able to see, watch, listen to whatever you want – out and away from the current madness content distribution process – when even most purchases are based on content related judgments.

But still, from the internet revolution, and making content available to all, many things have changed and are still changing. The way people perceive the commercial messages, most of all, has mutated greatly to the consumer's advantage.

It is not advisable anymore to propagate a powerful false message on the internet, believes marketer Seth Godin. Along with the social media evolution, the prospects' liberty in reacting to a “lie” has become greater and greater. The content has to be true, available to all and have the amazing property of causing a chain reaction: creating new content with the same properties, believes social media strategist Paul Cotton.


Social first

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
07 November 2012
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This is how you can expect your Twitter Social tab to look like, on Jentla Marketing Hub. From the same place, you can check your Timeline, Twitter mentions and Profile feed, interacting with your followers through replies and retweets. Swapping between the different Social tab accounts, you can also check out your Facebook and LinkedIn social activity.


Why tweeting matters

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
17 October 2012
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Nothing is more frustrating then being left behind at something that everyone else is so good at. Take for example Twitter, the fastest expanding social media in the online world. Sure, I'm not talking about you. There are so many people who talk about it, many have even created an account. But there's a big difference between saying you know Twitter and knowing it, precisely. Of course I'm not saying that's your case. There's also a huge difference between using Twitter for your personal connections and tweeting for business matters. Like yourself, I know all about that.

But let's just see, just in case we've missed some of the theory, what is that one thing that makes Twitter so influential? Is there anything in the advertising process, where Twitter does really help?


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