Simple. Is that not classic?

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
08 October 2012
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It's not easy to stay on top of things anymore. Because things that used to be simple, have become incredibly complicated. It's a changing, crazy, world - that would basically mean marketers should be the same. Crazy, complicated, chasing impossible dreams, trying to change all for keeping up with the trends. An expensive, blank path ahead.

Alan Cooper, software designer leader talks, in one of his books, about personalizing experiences for customers. He believes that it doesn't really matter the general, useless complexity of the product you are selling, but the state of complexity that is focused on your customer's needs. Following the crazy, general trends of your market, you may loose from sight the simplicity required by your prospects. People buy for a purpose and that matters the most when trying to sell them something.

Keeping things simple may become harder by the day, as the remarkable “specific” is now easily lost.


Parameters count

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
09 November 2012
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With all the different options provided by Jentla's Advanced Content Administration menu, you can feel a little overwhelmed at times and choose to stick to completing the mandatory fields. Which is a smart option for beginner users. As you start to use the article's editor more often, you can explore the rest of the sections, one of the most important ones being the Parameters menu.

This part of Content Admin offers the opportunity to set, hide and show article data. It is a complete set of options that define your post's appearance on site. For those who didn't have the opportunity (or the patience) to explore Parameters, here are the most important information they've lost:


Some content for your site

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
12 October 2012
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Today, everything is online: from purchases to opinions, from research to knowledge. While the number of websites is growing immensely with every passing minute, the number of active and efficient users is not so great. This is the real online challenge nowadays: being dynamic and delivering quality content for online users.

It is a formula without fail : an effective website leads to more users, which leads to an increase in sales and ultimately to the company's success. Every marketer applies this rule accepted widely: the online performance starts with feeding flawless website content. Follow these general knowledge ideas to start writing efficient content:


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