So cheat, if you must...

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
01 November 2012
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Enrolling in the run for the best social media marketer. How did that work out for you? I, for one, found that there are so many things that beat the eye of a first time user. Even after months of Facebook training I couldn't possibly know all the in's and out's of the network. Yes, it's kinda boring trying to find everything out by yourself. That's why cheat sheets were invented.

It's not all laziness, we both know how rapidly everything changes online. Gotta stay on top of things, fast. And we're not in high-school anymore, nowadays it's quite advisable to cheat. That is, if cheating means getting compressed information, fast and easy.

So, here they are. Been searching the web for the most effective ones: the essential cheat sheets for social media.



Insights on menus

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
19 October 2012
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Creating menus in Jentla Marketing Hub can seem like an easy task for most intermediate users looking for better ways to organize their site's content. While navigating through the Menus section, there are some details that might catch your attention and some issues that can only be known at advanced user level. You might want to skip all the tedious steps of going through every field at a time. I know I did. So here are some menu insights that will help you understand better what everything does, where and why.

1. The first brake I personally had when started to work with menus was at the crossroad of menus and menu items. To better understand the difference between the two, the following table should do the trick:



Firstly, there was email

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
07 September 2012
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Saving time or being able to instantly access your prospects. Connecting efficiently and using multiple fun applications. There is no limit to the motives why people use social media. You get actually overwhelmed by the constant every-day need of keeping up with the news and having to ensure a permanent presence on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. Could not imagine a time where not even email was invented.

But it happened not so long ago. In the early '70's, “the father of email” created the first form of communicating between two computers. How did the first email really appear but, most of all, why is email so important still, in spite of every other type of online messaging also available ?



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