Voice swapping

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
15 November 2012
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It's been a long debated idea, since the appearance of social media, more present today, with all the online social communities, existent everywhere : Is there any more need for forums? Can't business owners find and share the info they want through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, being able to connect with millions of users ? The answer to both questions is yes.

Of course it's easy to use social networks as forums, but the forums actual era is not over yet. As Gyutae Park  states, forums were one of the first forms of social interaction and are here, still, in spite of everything else that's come along.


Your mobile choice

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
28 November 2012
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It's a question of taste as it relies on the way you prioritize your content distribution goals. Think about it: what would you like your mobile viewers to see? And, while you're at it, please also find out : do your online prospects search on mobile? According to a 2011 statistics, published on, there are more than 1.2 billion mobile Web users in the world and their numbers are on the rise this year. So, the answer to the second question is quite predictable : yes, your customers will search your services through mobile, that is, if they're not already doing so.

What type of content are you offering and which design is best suited to provide this information are questions still to be answered. Maybe as fast as going through this article.

As choosing between two popular flavors or between two valuable candidates, your mobile site's design has benefits and drawbacks at both ends. The web is filled with stories and arguments on building a responsive website or creating a dedicated mobile site .


The better part of chaos

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
10 December 2012
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I've spent a day looking for the “so called” better ways of performing as an online marketer.

It all started out as a boring dive into a sea of endless search engine results. As the search got narrowed down to a few blogs and sites, I've found some interesting posts, motivational speeches, white-papers and slides. I've read most of them, avid for information, but found no secret disclosed. Only a few pertinent observations on good/bad customer service and behavior. Photos included.


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