No one is that lucky

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
14 December 2012
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Some sites, companies, e-businesses seem to be more then successful online. Have you noticed? Ever wondered how do they manage to attract viewers' attention, what is the secret that places these few firms above the great majority?

Well, it's money most of all. Being able to invest in specialist advice and buy an advanced marketing system and also advertise online, all these represent great advantages.


How to get users to like you

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
06 February 2013
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There are certain people that I instantly like, both online and in the offline world. Don't tell me it's all about karma, they must do something to attract the love around them. It's in the article's headline, some experts say, in the excellent writing or the sincerity transpiring through every pore. Most of the times, I haven't got the time to think of all the reasons why I dig a person. I just rely on my instinct and subscribe to a RSS feed, hit a like button or tweet a story.

But I would surely want these good intentions returned. And I am most interested in getting people to like my blog, post my story, in return. If you feel the same, this post will help.


You need to comment, right?

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
03 May 2013
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Writing exceptionally good content is definitely not enough. You need to also have high viewing scores on your site's articles and exceptionally good commentators, right? We're all waiting and planning for these : the ones interested enough to read through, post a thought, ask a question or re-think our works.

So inpatient to receive more comments, we create all kind of schemes and follow complex theories without ever asking : are online comments so vital to businesses?

Sure, some online marketers will say, they confirm that the blog is read, that the article has quality and the question raised is of interest to many.

No, comments don't give the measure of a good content, if you'd listen to David Crotty, who publishes an amazing fact about the Guardian : only 0.0037% of the magazine's readers are posting comments to their website. A fact restated by Forbes contributor Mark Hughes, who's blog receives only 15 monthly comments out of the million-and-a-quarter total views.

Between views and ideas, some things are for sure :

  1. good content is read and more often re-shared, then commented on
  2. most sites have a small group of committed readers who usually post multiple comments
  3. using Captcha on your comment module may prevent some mobile viewers to post comments
  4. the best commentators are most often random readers who post almost unrelated but juicy content, loved by the rest of your audience

To show you this last point, here is an incursion into Youtube's most funny and original comments list. Yes, Youtube's is sometimes so much fun because of the people who need to comment, or burst:


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