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Written by Alexandra Coroian
16 November 2012
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Maybe you've found it and had no idea what is it for. You might of used it, but not fully discovered all it can do. The usage of a dummy article in Jentla Marketing Hub is somehow restricted to creating a new category. But, as every article needs to be mapped to a certain category, it shouldn't be to hard finding a dummy article in your content manager.

So, yes, I'm about ready to leave all the small talk aside and tell you all about these special articles in Jentla. But first, a glimpse on how they can look like, after I'm done revealing the details of their creation and publishing :



Video expressions

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
12 February 2013
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When searching for info online, we seem to loose our patience so quickly. It is well known that users read through the phrases and seek out instinctively the facts that interest them the most. That's why Twitter's feeds are so small and that's why more and more people are into video nowadays. The simplest and shortest ways of attracting attention are the smart ones.

If you haven't used Jentla's Assets already, this post will guide you through the process of uploading video materials into your articles and displaying them on site. You can also use video modules to display the data on a certain position, at your choosing.


Emailing, at its finest

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
19 February 2013
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A legit question is not always followed by a simple answer. It shouldn't be that hard, really. How do you get more subscriptions via email? Well, nobody knows the secret recipe. There are ways - tried by some, experiences that worked or failed for others. Some good ideas always exist and this is a short overview of what could be done. Browse through the hints below and choose the ones that sound good to you:



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