Jentla at your company: FAQ

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Jentla helps marketers manage all their online channels using the one tool. From micro-businesses to enterprise, Jentla is safe, easy and very social.  helps managers ensure their teams get the continuous feedback they need to stay aligned, learn faster, and consistently achieve their goals.

And, it's quick and painless to set up. What are the key features for companies?


Unlimited users and prospects

  • There are no limits of the number of users and prospects.


  • Build campaigns like you always wanted to.

Integrated reports

  • View integrated reach and relevance reports

Contacts Manager

  • Edit your contacts with ease.

Fully customisable website

  • Add edit and manage your content via the front end of your site.

Mobile site

  • Easily shorten mobile content where needed.

Professional templates

  • Choose a template that is designed to sell, not just look good. Customise it to suit your brand.


  • All the benefits of a standalone system but also with geo-tagging and profile tagging for richer content.

SMS text Marketing

  • Run instant offers with geo-tagging and profile tagging to reach only the right prospects.


  • Schedule posts as part of a campaign or post immediately.


  • Tweet as part of a campaign or as part of an ongoing conversation.

Drip Marketing

  • Automatically send emails based on timed intervals, actions taken by sales prospects. Use drip marketing to build leads without neglecting prospects.

Lead Management

  • Create and nurture leads based on their activities across your online channels.

Content Personalisation

  • Display content across channels based on your prospects behaviour.

We are a large enterprise. Does Jentla have solutions to suit our business?

Yes, the suite includes enterprise features like forms workflows and multisite. See enterprise.jentla.com for details.

How does it work with other tools?

Jentla works with the tools you already use. It's a single place to manage your online marketing every day.

What does it take to roll out Jentla?

There's hardly any setup required so you're up and running quickly. We'll build your website from a selection of configurable templates or give us your custom design. We share content creation advice from market leaders so you can add your content or if you like, we can refer you to a marketer who knows how to leverage Jentla already.

Is a Mutli-channel marketing tool more efficient?

Yes, when you can create and track the progress of a campaign across multiple online channels using just one tool, you save huge amounts of time by not having to duplicate your actions.

Is Jentla Secure?

Jentla gives you confidence to stay on top of your online marketing and to do it safely with our secure hosted web application.

Data centre and network security

  • PCI DSS and SAS 70 Type II compliant
  • Keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols, 24/7 facility surveillance
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring with automated alerts
  • Daily security audits and vulnerability scans
  • Security patches and full data backups

Application security

  • Role-based authorization model with user verification on every request
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Complete user access management
  • Secure single sign-on (SSO) capability
  • No software download on client computers




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