Suits all business sizes


Whether you are a micro, small, medium or enterprise size business, Jentla Marketing Hub is a next generation online marketing tool to manage all your marketing channels. As you grow, you can add new features.

Most web developers do not offer a suite of versions all built from the same tools. This makes it really difficult as you grow. With four versions Jentla Marketing Hub works for all sizes of businesses from micro to enterprise.

With Jentla you can start with the Basic version with web and a mobile and when you are ready, expand to our campaign based Power version by unlocking eMarketing, SMS Marketing and social media publishing still all in the same tool. Businesses already using social media can move up to our Premium plan which lets you plan customized eMarketing and SMS marketing campaigns that drip feed your prospects. With Premium, you can also flag leads to sales teams and personalize your prospects’ online experiences with more weighting on the content they view most often.

Jentla designs, builds and supports our own software. Instead of using a web developer who blames problems on software and charges you extra for upgrades, our costs cover all your upgrades so you don’t ever have to think about it.