How to find the perfect alliance

How to find the perfect alliance

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It's quite easy to say : you need to be part of a community. Your blog needs expressing the right thing, in the right place, but also to have the perfect audience listening.

As easy as they may seem, some of these advices are not as easy to follow on the long run. We've talked about the advantages of creating a blogging alliance for yourself but haven't expanded on the means of gathering the perfect members to help you thrive. Here's some info on this subject, and details on how to specifically choose your online allies.


4 mistakes you want to avoid

  1. Going to battle without an armor. As urgent as raising your online presence may be, don't start anything unprepared. Before you search the potential candidates for your future blogging alliance, make a list of all you main assets – advantages worth mentioning to your future partners.

  2. Speaking without knowing. Just as you've documented your own company characteristics, make sure to document your partners' also. These include your partner’s client base, marketing strategy and even growth objectives. Make sure these are similar to yours.

  3. Speaking to the wrong audience. Let's take your business size for example. If that is medium size, don't try to ally with small or corporate. The people hearing your message will obviously have totally different goals and reasons for listening.

  4. Speaking to too many. That is, trying to forge too many alliances without having the time to manage them all. Take it one step at a time and you will find that it is better to build a small but responsive community rather then chasing after multiple alliances that don't work.


4 good ideas for the bond

  1. Make an overall strategy on what you wish to take away from the blogging alliance

  2. Find out which are the other service providers with similar interests, target audience and marketing goals. Make sure that their blogs are read. You can develop you list by simply asking clients

  3. Meet with some of the candidates online. This will help you get a general view on their growth objectives, target market, get their opinions on how an alliance will help in the future.

  4. Start off your alliance with only a few members : 4-5, at most. This will give you the time to get used to the daily procedures, to know the level of work involved and, eventually enlarge the alliance by adding new members.


Not sure where to find those bloggers? Trying searching these familiar places:

  1. industry related community forums

  2. industry related youtube videos

  3. industry related social media

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