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Campaign right

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Talking about campaigning, people get easily confused into thinking about expensive marketing processes, feeling usually overwhelmed by the multitude of actions that need to be performed to achieve sales goals. It shouldn't be all that difficult.

An advertising campaign can be simply thought as “a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication and appear in different media across a specific time frame”, as it tells us the all-knowledgeable Wikipedia. Once you get your campaign theme and decide which channels you want the message to be sent on, campaigning online is as easy as it sounds.

This post will show you how to use Jentla to campaign right, online and offline. Start with writing down all the details, and finish with seeing your actions' impact on viewers and prospects.


Details in order

When planning your campaign, write down all the details, from campaign theme, to budget and estimated revenue. On the Campaign's Details page, fill in the start and end dates for your campaign, choose the clients, creators and owners and write media related information, using the appropriate field. You can also edit the campaign's creation date.

At creating a campaign in Jentla, only the title is a mandatory field. Save your campaign's details, to automatically go to the next step.


Set the channels

You've already found out where most of your audience hangs out and what is the channel best suited to contact your prospects. Now all you have to do is send the message that will make the impact. In the Campaign Content section, you'll have all the available channels listed : Website/Mobile, SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you want to publish on all of them, choose Multichannel content.

The advantage to publishing your campaign from Jentla, is being able to schedule all your postings and keeping a track of what goes out to the public, from this one place.

In the External Media section, write down the details for your eventual radio and TV campaign related postings and consult the list whenever needed.


Going social

There are three social networks that can be used from each of your campaign's page in Jentla: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. When needed, you can also add other channels to broaden the range of distribution. Use each of the existent tabs to create new posts directly from the campaign page, to monitor or delete existing ones.


Follow the lead

With the help of Jentla's reports, you can see all activity that drifts from the publishing of one or multiple campaigns. Check the raw results on the Reports page ( where you can see likes, tweets, shares but also website activity and top landing pages).

The personalized data appears on the dashboard, right underneath the quick action buttons. This is where you can view the Active Campaigns section, choose the one you want and check out your progress using the timeline. More on the subject can be found on the Timeline time! post.


It may sound a bit complicated, but it really isn't. Just like breaking breaking down everything into chewable bites, Jentla helps you solve campaign issues, one step at a time.


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