It may be video, this time

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
07 December 2012
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Social media has started to loose ground, some marketing bloggers say. In the sense that, with every new user added to the millions already existing, you can't really differentiate right from wrong anymore. Cannot, if you're a company and handle hundreds or thousands of subscribers, which are not often paying attention to what you have to say.

“I would suggest that building a Facebook community and a fan base for a small business is now bordering on being too costly”, says marketing mag author, Simon Dell. Considering the problem from the other end, users report too much advertising on social media. Yup, some accounts are filled with spam messages, no wonder that, even though you might like a page, you can't always follow its activity. But, on this subject, check out this Sonia Simone interesting blog post.


Video advert mania

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
15 May 2013
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More than words, or still images, videos can capture the most out of anything. Given their amazing power to illustrate life, these are the most appreciated forms of advertising, viewed and bought by more and more online visitors every year.

Given a choice, users would more rapidly watch a 20 second clip then read a 20 word phrase. It's just the way our minds work – our visual system is more likely to recognize moving objects, which stand out distinctly, even against moving background, explains professor Joseph S. Lappin, in an article for the journal Nature.

Considering our natural ability to watch moving images, but also to quickly adapt to the amount of information available, it is no wonder video ads are everywhere now, reaching over 50 % of the US population in the past 12 months.


Design resolutions

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
03 December 2012
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At starting your website's design ( redesigning your website), there are some important screen resolution issues that you may have to solve. With all the different options available on the market ( retina display devices, tablets, mobile phones, televisions, etc), how can you choose the perfect resolution for designing your site?

If your website's design doesn't match the resolution of the display it is seen on, there are two things that can happen :

------>your site can appear cut-off, too small for the display's capabilities; this would happen for a small resolution site shown on a large resolution display

------>if your site has a bigger resolution then that of your display, your images on screen can appear too small or unreadable for your viewers

So, now, that we've agreed that your site's resolution has to match that of your display, let's see how you can achieve this goal, in 3 easy steps:


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