Contact filters


Reaching the right target prospects

Unelss you have a powerful way to filter your prospects, marketing to them can become overwhelming. Jentla Marketing Hub provides a simple, yet incredibly powerful way of filtering your prospects and delivering them the right message. 

When it is not possible to create granular filters like in Jentla Marketing Hub, most businesses rely on sending to the same couple of lists again and again with lesser effect.  They are forced to import a list every time you want to Filters can be saved for later use.

Jentla Marketing Hub uses the same contact filtering for both eMarketing and SMS Marketing. With no training, you can apply powerful contact filters in minutes.

Conditional filters

Filtering contacts gives you much more control than other systems provide. Most eMail marketing systems force you to do your filtering outside the system and import the completed list. On a list of any size this becomes almost impossible. With profile filtering you can test your hunches in seconds using the powerful And/Or conditions and and save complex filters.

Example Uses

Here are some examples of how you can segment your contacts:

Why use a service like Groupon when you already have a list of your own customers and prospects and can send them compelling instant offers?