5 ways to campaign right

5 ways to campaign right

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When asked what is the special thing that makes a campaign go viral, most marketers don't have an exact answer. It's not the milk in the coffee or the pepperoni in the famous Italian pizza. People react to messages read online in unexpected ways. With all the random info being published and shared, it is hard to make sense of something in particular being posted. One thing's for sure : what you are online, impacts your offline business.

And yes, there are some aspects that can be predicted. Advices and tips that gave results and led mostly to successful online campaigning. Here's the top 5 I've found :


Get organized, have everything witin reach

You've heard it over and over again, but doesn't make it less true. The reason this phrase is overly - repeated? Only a few people actually bother to listen to it and put their things in order before starting a new project. To help you get ready, Jentla Marketing Hub has the perfect campaign setting. Write everything you'll need on the Campaign Details page : from dates to media, from budgeted costs to owner and client's names. Use the External Media section to schedule your eventual radio/tv.


Target your audience, create for your prospects

There are many people that think “viral” means for everyone. Yes, of course, for each and every one of their clients. Target your audience and speak to them, first of all. If your clients are 20-30 years old females, think about what would interest them the most, what would make them comment and share your message. If unsure, order a survey, do a little research.


Write factual information

Any theme article to be published in a campaign should take one of these two stands, believes socialmediatoday's author Adam Torkildson :

- take a popular subject and detail it ( document, expand, provide expert opinions)

- take a popular subject and confront it (document, expand, share experiences, expert opinions)

It goes without say that you should publish quality content only.


Keep it simple

With all the misleading, confusing information presented online, you user will appreciate a clean, simple approach on the subject you've chosen. We can access tons of information, but this doesn't mean that we will, or that we'll pay attention to any of it. Publishing a seemingly simple idea only means that more people will be able to relate to it.


How viral works

If you are calculating your campaign's exponential spread, you'll agree with internet analyst Brad Hines. He says that the way towards going viral is this : the wider your starting base, the quicker, and more likely it is you will go viral. Makes sense. Prepare your audience before your campaign's launch.

Use Campaign Content in Jentla Marketing Hub to post everywhere from website to mobile, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social network that your audience is on.


+ Keep track of your impact

Every campaign in JMH has its own Social tab where you can watch live your audience's responses to your social media posts. Also, by visiting the Reports page, you can see the content's impact (visitors, number of clicks, mentions or likes) for each of your the campaigns.


Here's a list25.com viral timeless post that is bound to make you search for other listed items on their site ( laughing your way through).






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