Import values, broaden your lists

Import values, broaden your lists

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We've created something new, something exciting for all our users' benefit. Takes time and energy, not to mention perseverance, but Jentla gets better every day. It's not just saying we listen, it's about creating applications that meet you needs. As simple as that.

Ever wished you could import multiple articles, without having to create and publish each one of them? This new Jentla feature was especially designed for you. It was also thought for creating multiple campaigns and importing users directly into their specified menus. Everything is done from Manager Administrator, using this new button we'll be talking about.

Here are the main things you've requested and our team made happen:


Downloading group formats

csv files are the used for storing all data going to be uploaded to Jentla. It was only natural that we'd provide the specific formats for each type of group you want uploaded. The button that enables you to import different types of information directly to your Jentla site is situated in Manager Administrator, on the Jentla Action Field Groups page. Just press on it and you will be able to choose the type of import to make and access the specific format for your group.


Automatically populate lists

Leaving aside all the technicalities, this is what the button does. It uploads different types of articles ( Website, Mobile, Facebook, etc) directly into your Advanced Content Administration list. If set as so, previously, it can also show the imported entries, as published, directly on site. Articles aren't the only ones you can add here : can also import campaigns (containing all campaigns details) and new users.

Don't think it's too much work put into creating the csv files. It will all be worth it, once you have all this data lined up, ready to use on site.


Replace old entries

It's a special csv header which can be used for all types of data going to be imported. “Match-keys” replaces data within certain columns of old entries with new data contained in the same columns of new imported versions of the same articles, campaigns or user details. Let's say you want to change the full text for some website/mobile entry you've already imported. Add the new the data within the full text field and write down <<full text>> in the match-keys column, then import the article again. Changes will only apply to the full-text part, the rest of the article will remain the same.


Add categories to specific articles

When having to add a category to a single article, the work can be done in minutes. The situation changes for 20 or more entries, when having to swap between the different article editing pages in Content Manager will test your patience.

Think about it this way : you already have all your LinkedIn articles details inserted in a csv file. Simply fill in the “import_category_name” column for each entry and the articles will be additionally mapped after importing, to the category you've suggested. The feature works for existing categories only.


These are the briefed advantages and functions of Import JA Values button. Except for campaigns, all other data to be imported uses base and form articles and, implicitly, action fields. For more information about the new Import JA Values button created in Jentla, please visit our Documentation Wiki.

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