One tool kit for all contents

One tool kit for all contents

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Writing incredibly good content is never enough, no matter how much time and effort you are investing into your article publishing. There are a lot of extra details that decide the faith of your product-related stories. To benefit from all opportunities, a tool kit for all contents would be useful. Take them out of the box and use them when needed:


Schedule tools

Take the stress out of your publishing and schedule all your future postings. Jentla enables you to plan all articles and campaigns to be published and retracted. Use the Dates section in Article Publishing to set the date on which your content will appear on site. In the Campaign's Details set multiple data such as campaign costs, start dates and end dates. By using these tools, you will transform content publishing and create an organized system that helps you keep projects on track and automatically publish articles.


Audit Tools

Yes, you write content but are never able to see who reads it. What do your users like best or which articles are the most or least accessed. Use these audit tools to find out your prospects' reactions to the content being delivered through your Jentla site. In the Reports menu section, you can see the number of website visitors, your most accessed pages, but also the number of referrers on your social media accounts, your Facebook likes or Twitter mentions. On Jentla's Dashboard, the Website activity chart pie shows the number of unique and returned visitors on your website. Check out the Campaign's Time-line to see how did the campaign content has influenced the readers and which articles have been the most accessed.

Evidently, all data provided within these Audit tools, helps you twist and change your content, to make it more interesting for your prospects.


Idea tools

These are the ones that help you deliver quality content. To find out what people want to read and be able to provide perfect answers to their queries. Research tools are key assets for any type of .

In terms of places to get content ideas from, try Twitter, Quora, Content Strategy Generator Tool V2 , SocialMention or Topsy.


Outreach tools

Here's an interesting video posted by Tom Critchlow on how to spread the word about your content online. Check it out to see a few ideas on link building, contact gathering and cultivating leads :

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