What makes JMH different?

What makes JMH different?

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20 Apr 12
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We are building something new, something which draws on the best aspects of web content management systems and marketing automation tools. 

Marketers need one tool where they can publish across online channels in one action without constantly hopping from tool to tool, copying content and marketing collateral. The campaigns marketing teams envisage should become reality with considerable less effort and be built, previewed, reviewed, approved and published in one application. It's how it always should have been and why we have forged a new direction with the creation of Jentla Marketing Hub.



Web CMS are outdated

Web content management systems are great for publishing web content but they service a niche compared to what marketers really need with today’s rapidly expanding multi-channel requirement.  Now as we all know, marketers have to be on top of all their online channels from web and mobile, to eMarketing and SMS and don’t let’s forget Facebook and Twitter. Pretty soon we’ll probably have to be adding Google + to the mix by default as well.

Content management systems were not originally envisaged as marketing tools.  In the CMS you create a page or an article, not a campaign. This leads to a series of problems. Even with today’s analytics, you can’t see the impact of a campaign from a strategic perspective, just the website as a whole and the most prominently viewed pages. Without a campaign linkage between web elements and other channels, you end up spending your time logged into analytics for two systems and the IT/marketing disconnect continues.

Marketing automation tools are email based

Marketing automation tools are primarily email systems which have morphed into something much larger. They do a great job of lead generation and lead nurturing but are poor as web presences and  often don’t meet the promises of their promoters. Efficiencies are undermined because online marketers still have to use a CMS as well for their web marketing.

Jentla sets up the systems for our customs and provides 24 hour support at a price point our competitors can't match.



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