Your CMS is not enough

As the demands increase to have an effective presence across all your marketing channels from web and mobile through to eMarketing, SMS marketing and importantly Facebook and Twitter, today’s companies require a new approach.

One tool many channels

Marketers need one tool where they can publish across online channels in one action without constantly hopping from tool to tool, copying content and marketing collateral. The campaigns marketing teams envisage should become reality with considerable less effort and be built, previewed, reviewed, approved and published in one application. It's how it always should have been and why we have forged a new direction with the creation of Jentla Marketing Hub.

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Multichannel content publishing

It’s hard jumping between your website admin tool, Facebook and Twitter, not to mention the email and SMS apps. Just regularly logging into so many different systems is enough to put most people off. No wonder many businesses do much less online marketing than intended.

With Jentla Marketing Hub you can publish content to all your online channels in one action. There is just one login and one system to learn. You will spend your time focussed on marketing, not administration.

Suits all business sizes

Whether you are a micro, small, medium or enterprise size business, Jentla Marketing Hub is a next generation online marketing tool to manage all your marketing channels. As you grow, you can add new features.

  • Basic suits for getting started online for micro to small business. Also for experimental and short term initiatives.
  • Power suits established small businesses wanting to manage their marketing channels more effectively.
  • Premium suits small and medium business wanting to integrate with their CRM or internal systems to grow leads and build personalised online experiences.
  • Enterprise suits medium and large enterprises. This version includes additional modules to support multisite for branch operations or franchises. Enterprise has been tested to scale to 10,000 websites



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