What is Jentla

What is Jentla

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Jentla Marketing Hub solves your online marketing problems by providing one place where you can easily manage all your online marketing from web and mobile, eMarketing and SMS text marketing as well as posting to Facebook and Tweeting.

Why use one system for your website and another for your email etc.? With so many separate systems, very few businesses are currently in charge of their online marketing or really understand what impact their marketing is having. By radically improving productivity, the Jentla Marketing Hub renders obsolete the content management systems web developers now use.

It’s not just our game changing hub that makes Jentla different, it’s also the little things we do right like how easy we have made it to add content to your web and mobile sites at the same time.

Social media has caused a seismic shift for online marketers. Along with all the benefits, businesses struggle to keep up with the demand to have a relevant presence in more online channels all the time. Web developers talk about social media integration but all they have are patchwork half solutions. Jentla is the only tool that really integrates social media and all your other marketing channels.

For new businesses, if you are just starting with a website, don’t get stuck with a system that does not give you a mobile site as well. If you are already doing a lot of online marketing, now is the time to take control, plan more effectively and increase your return on investment.  




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