Profile Tagging

Profile tagging

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Profile tagging significantly increases your ability to get your message to just the right prospect. Profile tags can be used all throughout Jentla Marketing Hub. Like the example shown here, any profile information stored for your users can be used in marketing campaigns. In this case the user's name and company name are used as profile tags in an SMS marketing campaign to thank a company for all it's great public service work. This creates a new level of intimacy with your prospects and improves their perception of your service. Profile tags can be used in eMarketing in the same way to personalise offers.

Profile updates

You can update your user lists with new profile information in bulk or individually for each user. Some examples of profile information you could use to increase sales by creating better segmented offers including offers based on:

  • Where prospects work or live
  • Previous purchases
  • Employer or business role

Using profile tagging you could send a serise of emails to all prospects who live in a particular suburb, have purchased recently and are work in human resources.


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