Write the best text messages, ever!

Write the best text messages, ever!

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There are many texts that bore the life out of me. Especially the ones delivering holiday greetings - which are mostly written on a similar template, using the same both cheerful and meditative voice! Don't know why some people bother sending a bunch of words that won't be read by anyone. I've heard of some texters that won't even read their own holiday messages, that's how boring they are.

Am kidding, but still, the problem persists: there are millions of mobile users that send millions of messages, without actually saying anything. This happens to many businesses also, who believe SMS marketing is about besetting their subscribers's inboxes, choking them with irrelevant information that doesn't last a minute in their phones.

Setting aside your overall marketing strategy and plans, the best idea would be to write excellent messages.

Here are the best advices I've found online for writing texts that won't hurt when reading.


Find the reason for texting

When subscribing to your text, customers will expect news, events, offers from your company. Not boring descriptions of your company's products. Don't text just to remind everyone that you're still there without giving them a reason to care enough. Your message should also be important and urgent, referring to an upcoming event.


Tell them who you are

Nobody likes an anonymous message arriving on their cell. Don't count on the fact that your customers know your products by heart. They might know you better. Tell them who you are so they can begin to trust what you say.


Stay away from slang, abbreviations and speak text

Although these may seem like familiarities in speech, in text they actually sound like unprofessional manners of approaching customers. Stay away from all types of unprofessional behavior – you are representing a business, don't act like you've forgotten.


Stick to the point of immediate value

Text as you sell in real-life : saying the most important facts first. Don't loose time with unnecessary data: the customers won't have the patience to go through piles of info. There is a reason why texts are limited to 60 words only. Use only half of these to get customer attention.


Some words make the difference

 One of the most common mistakes when running an SMS campaign is not including the phrase “when you show this text message” in your promotions. This simple message gives extra value to the text and makes the receiver feel important and connected to the sender. It ensures that the receiver won't immediately delete the message and will eventually to benefit from your offer.


Think “What's in it for them?”

This is the bottom line: What's in it for your customers? Are you really giving them something? How can they benefit from the info sent in the message? Leaving all the other stories aside if you can't really share with them something valuable, then don't bother sharing anything at all.


Have your say!

What is the most annoying message you've received? What about the most inspired one?

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