Something's bound to be right

Something's bound to be right

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In a world filled with information on human development, you have to be really courageous to make any assumption about what's next.

Still, there is one subject everybody loves to talk about : the future of internet. No so much because we really know what will happen, but because we'd love to see it turn into something amazing. From thought to reality and with a lot of research involved, here are the experts' opinions on the matter. The ideas below are a continuance from the previous blog post.


Apprenticeship will be back

Working alongside an expert will be more of an education in the future of Internet. Getting a university degree may not matter as much as having the relevant experience in your field of activity, believes Dan Andrews from Tropical MBA. You can already see it happening, with all the bloggers providing internships or following certain figures, based on popularity.


A more secure internet, for everyone's sake

Yes, finally some good news for all our spam boxes. Internet is bound to become more safe, states internet expert and historian Ian Peter, as the whole reason for evolving is being able to move past the insecure parts of the Internet. “It's only a matter of time before we have a more trustworthy and secure Internet” believes Peter and many tend to agree with him, with all the financial transactions made online.


Higher education will be more available

University educations will start to look more like internet marketing training, and internet marketing training will start to look more like university educations”, predicts Dan Andrews, referring to the high availability of free information that will transform the educational world we know today. In the Pew Internet/Elon University survey, 60% of the 1,021 participants agreed that, by 2020, “there will be mass adoption of teleconferencing and distance learning”. The Internet experts, researchers, observers and users also stated that we'll be living a “transition to ‘hybrid’ classes that combine online learning components with less-frequent on-campus, in-person class meetings.”


In-person events will take the lead

Going back to doing business, the Internet of the future will place great importance on face-to-face meetings presenting the real-life potential of online businesses. Trainings and moving around events will follow customers track records, which will become much more important than those of your business.


There's still a lot of room for new ideas on what the internet will bring in our lives. Some opinions are bound to be wrong, but there will also be a lot of right in the making. Take for example this 1979 interview of Arthur C Clarke, predicting perfectly how, by 2001 every house will have a computer console ( a bit smaller than the one humming in the background) and that, at some point we'll all be connected , able to do anything from remote banking to buying theater tickets.

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