Keyword mania

Keyword mania

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Our Jentla customers have been using the Metadata menu in Advanced Content Administration for a while now. Being able to scan the article for keywords, include key-phrases and metadata descriptions directly into the content's core, has been a great help. For those anxious to get to the next step and use more keywords, much easily, this is great news : you are now able to import a limitless number of keywords using a csv file in Manager Administrator.


How it's done

On the keywords page in Jentla's Content Manager you will now find a new button named Import. Press on it and get directed to the uploading page. The necessary csv file is easy to create : all it needs is a single column where you can write down all your keywords. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can put in the file. Once you're done, press on the Upload file button to complete the process.


Automatic lists

All the keywords inserted in your csv file will automatically appear in the Manager Admin list. Also, while navigating to Content Manager and trying to use Metadata, you will find the keywords there, ready to be used for any article. Your keyword list will be automatically updated at every import. It will only be cleared once you reset your environment.


A simple check list

So now that you can import and use many more keywords in Jentla, use this check-list below to help you find the best keywords that would suit your business.

  1. Make a list of a few admissible keywords you might like.

  2. Use Google's Keyword tool to find out which of these are really popular.

  3. The search will turn other related keywords also. Be sure to write down the most interesting ones.

  4. Use Google Trends to see which of your choices enroll in the general flow.

  5. Search for your chosen keywords on social media also. You may find surprising data, unrelated to your project.


Here are some extra search tool applications to help you with your search:

- Twitter's built in search tool

- Google +- built in search function

- All-in-one search tools for social media : Kurrently or 48ers.

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