So many roles, so little Facebook time!

So many roles, so little Facebook time!

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It's easy to differentiate roles and assign duties when you have 5 Facebook admin positions to choose from. Limit and extend attributions and have your team working around the clock. Sound easy enough.

This post will explain the differences between the 5 positions and help you see their advantages and disadvantages.

These are the five positions available to be set your Facebook business page:

1. Manager - can manage admin roles, write posts, create ads, view insights. It can basically do all the of the others' roles combined.

2.Content Creator – writes posts, creates ads, views insights. Cannot add roles ( name or ban admins) or delete the page.

3. Moderator – reads, responds and deletes comments. Is able to send messages as the page, create adds and view insights

4. Advertiser – creates ads and views insights

5. Insights Analyst – views insights only

No matter how you choose to use them, remember that these detailed roles can be combined with the ones available in Jentla. Simply set your user permissions in Content Manager and enable your team's members to post, moderate posts or manage the Facebook account directly from your Jentla site.

There are 6 publisher roles that can compliment your choices. Use them from Content Manager, the place where you will be creating all your Facebook posts in Jentla:

-Registered – can view specific content marked as registered

-Contributor – can create new Facebook posts and submit them for approval

- Approver – can approve submitted Facebook articles

- Moderator – can moderate comments

- Publisher – can view, edit and publish the Facebook posts

- Administrator – combines the rights of all mentioned above

and also 5 local groups to choose from:

- Public – can see public content on sites

- Registered – only views the registered content on sites, does not have access to edit articles

- Author – creates and submits articles for approval

- Publisher – views, edits and publishes articles

- Super Users – the rights of all mentioned above

These groups are the ones viewing the info you've posted on your site. Some of them are allowed to log into Content Manager via the admin link and create, edit and publish Facebook posts.

For more information about Jentla's users or Article Publishing Work-flow, please visit our documentation page.




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