Move your Facebook upwards

Move your Facebook upwards

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29 Aug 13
Written by Alexandra Coroian
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It has become a fundamental right – having internet – being able to access your email or social media accounts from anywhere, anytime. While some Japan's internet fanatics are sent to rehab, Facebook announces they're planning to get more people online through a partnership with Nokia and Samsung.

Those who do not see the importance of social media, may not be connected to the online world, this is the fact that Facebook is transmiting. With 7 billion new users waiting to come through your front door, what is your Facebook strategy to make them stay ?

There are some marketers that say Facebook is expensive and out of date. And this blog is not thought out to convince you otherwise. But is is meant for those companies who think Facebook marketing has what it takes to sell their products. So read on to see what you need before you make any other Facebook move and what to do later on, to improve your online apperance.

Before starting the new journey, check your bags. You should have:

- one active and well designed website

- a coherent marketing plan

- a professional Facebook page

- a good email delivery service

Close the bag and hit the road. These are the main things to take in sight:


Setting realistic goals

Except selling your products, which is pretty obvious you will want to do. Here are some examples of goals that can be set for your Facebook page:

- create a loyal, responsive community

- increasing your company's exposure

- sharing knowledge and establishing contacts with industry experts


Research before practice

It's always good to know what your competitors are doing, but also to be aware of your audience's preferences. These are only a few research details that can make a difference.


Keeping it real

There are so many companies who's online personalities have little to no connection to their actual selves. Don't be one of these wrong models. Let employees and customers speak on your Facebook account, thus showing you're real.


Consistency along the way

Consistency is a big issue, especially because results don't appear right away. Create a posting schedule or an activity calendar and follow them, no exceptions. Plan your campaigns and special offers thoroughly.


Design new experiences

For your account needs to be a place of constant change and activity, just like your offline shop. Keep in touch with the latest Facebook technologies so you can benefit and stay in trend.


Measure results

Understand how Facebook Insights work. That's the first step into reaching an audience and posting relevant content to your readers.


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