A full bowl of email

A full bowl of email

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17 May 13
Written by Alexandra Coroian
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Email marketing still has some clear advantages over the new types of online advertising. It isn't always enough to engage your customers on social media or to create videos or blog posts dedicated to their needs. Email has proven to be more used (over 2,5 billion people have an email account), more professional than social media (Twitter and Facebook posts make up only a 0,2% of the emails sent every day), but also the most personal way for businesses to communicate, according to Kissmetrics:

There are many opinions out there about ways for writing the perfect email. It is not the mail's content that this article is all about. Not even about the strategy, which may contain : periodical newsletters and online surveys, exchanging email mentions with complementary businesses or renting targeted, commercial email lists.

No, email is not as complicated in Jentla, where sending and receiving emails is as simple as creating and receiving SMSs. Or publishing articles on site. Or posting a tweet.

Email publishing can be done seperately or within a campaign. Here are the most important steps to be followed to quickly send emails to your recipients:

1. Your user must check the “Receive Email and SMS Marketing” option when creating their accounts. This is the only way for you to send them solicited emails.

2. Use the Update my Newslettler action button from the Dashboard. This will open up a new email editing page on your screen. Choosing the Email section from the Advanced Content Administration menu, will open the already created email list.

3. Change your email body style by choosing different templates from the Predesigned list available for all Jentla users.

4. In Publishing, choose your email's send time and range of reccurence. That is if you want the same email being sent to the same addresses several times.

5. Use the Email Recipients section to group your email subscribers and send emails to the ones most interested in your notifications.

For more information on Email Management in Jentla Marketing Hub, please visit our documentation page.

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