Need reasons to text?

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
21 February 2013
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For me, SMS is a half way interaction. You can write and be written back, all without being disturbed in the middle of an important meeting. If you come to master the words, you can express almost anything through text, with the advantage of being able to retract any words written.

SMS is fast and cheap and doesn't depend on the Internet connection. It never forces you to set up an account. Text moves a simple mobile owner in the middle of a messaging mass, making him/her part of this community, without any fuss.

This was just a short review for why I text daily. I'm sure there is more data out there, some of it may not be as optimistic. Keep looking closely. You will surely find some info that you haven't read before.

New reasons to adopt or dump an SMS marketing strategy, can turn up after answering these general questions:


So many roles, so little Facebook time!

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
22 March 2013
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It's easy to differentiate roles and assign duties when you have 5 Facebook admin positions to choose from. Limit and extend attributions and have your team working around the clock. Sound easy enough.

This post will explain the differences between the 5 positions and help you see their advantages and disadvantages.

These are the five positions available to be set your Facebook business page:

1. Manager - can manage admin roles, write posts, create ads, view insights. It can basically do all the of the others' roles combined.

2.Content Creator – writes posts, creates ads, views insights. Cannot add roles ( name or ban admins) or delete the page.


Menu make-up

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
20 May 2013
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Menus are an important navigation tool for your website users. They help organize your site's content  and engage customer attention. A good menu management can convince a potential client to stay on your site, and even purchase your products.

Contrary to common belief, menus are not usually seen on site, as they are usually used as parents for menu items. Menu items of different levels are the ones we most often work with. Learning how to create menus for your sites is very important as menus organize almost all content, and are usually displayed in modules.

This Monday infographic shows you how to quickly access menus manager and work you way around to efficiently organizing your Jentla information:

For every main aspect of your online marketing strategy, Jentla is here to help. Find more information about Menu Management on our documentation page.


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