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Written by Alexandra Coroian
16 October 2012
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Here is how a campaign timeline should look like. For more information on campaign management, please visit Jentla Marketing Hub documentation site.


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Written by Alexandra Coroian
21 November 2012
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It's getting harder and harder to reach your targeted audience. That's cause, haven't you noticed, the old marketing techniques don't work anymore. Clients flee from all efforts of persuasion that involve information assaults. There is too much to be said in so little time. I for one don't respond well to unsolicited promotions arriving in my mailbox, through email or on my cell. Or don't respond at all, as I'm sure to throw any flyer, delete messages that invade my privacy with spam. Not to talk about direct approach, don't even let me go there...

So what works nowadays? Not what we are pretending that works, when are in fact watching a tone of cash flying out the window?! But what really brings in results.


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