Move your Facebook upwards

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
29 August 2013
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It has become a fundamental right – having internet – being able to access your email or social media accounts from anywhere, anytime. While some Japan's internet fanatics are sent to rehab, Facebook announces they're planning to get more people online through a partnership with Nokia and Samsung.

Those who do not see the importance of social media, may not be connected to the online world, this is the fact that Facebook is transmiting. With 7 billion new users waiting to come through your front door, what is your Facebook strategy to make them stay ?


Keyword mania

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
18 March 2013
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Our Jentla customers have been using the Metadata menu in Advanced Content Administration for a while now. Being able to scan the article for keywords, include key-phrases and metadata descriptions directly into the content's core, has been a great help. For those anxious to get to the next step and use more keywords, much easily, this is great news : you are now able to import a limitless number of keywords using a csv file in Manager Administrator.


A full bowl of email

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
17 May 2013
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Email marketing still has some clear advantages over the new types of online advertising. It isn't always enough to engage your customers on social media or to create videos or blog posts dedicated to their needs. Email has proven to be more used (over 2,5 billion people have an email account), more professional than social media (Twitter and Facebook posts make up only a 0,2% of the emails sent every day), but also the most personal way for businesses to communicate, according to Kissmetrics:


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