Measure your online influence

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
10 April 2013
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Leave all that online talk aside: advertise where, follow who, write how. You've been around for a while and realized that it all comes around to one idea: having authority. And all you really want to do is become that authority. To have people listen and follow what you're saying, and make an impact on the way they buy and consume products.

Yes, that sums up all your efforts towards making it online. Creating content for that special audience has never been easier, with all the tips and tricks available out there. Not to mention all the quality stories just waiting to be re-shared. Measuring your influence, on the other hand, can turn out to be a difficult process.

Read this post if you're curios on how well you're doing on social media, to find out the true length of your authority and see if a program is suited for measuring your online influence or if the DIY method will bring you better results.


Write the best text messages, ever!

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
28 February 2013
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There are many texts that bore the life out of me. Especially the ones delivering holiday greetings - which are mostly written on a similar template, using the same both cheerful and meditative voice! Don't know why some people bother sending a bunch of words that won't be read by anyone. I've heard of some texters that won't even read their own holiday messages, that's how boring they are.

Am kidding, but still, the problem persists: there are millions of mobile users that send millions of messages, without actually saying anything. This happens to many businesses also, who believe SMS marketing is about besetting their subscribers's inboxes, choking them with irrelevant information that doesn't last a minute in their phones.

Setting aside your overall marketing strategy and plans, the best idea would be to write excellent messages.

Here are the best advices I've found online for writing texts that won't hurt when reading.


Need reasons to text?

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
21 February 2013
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For me, SMS is a half way interaction. You can write and be written back, all without being disturbed in the middle of an important meeting. If you come to master the words, you can express almost anything through text, with the advantage of being able to retract any words written.

SMS is fast and cheap and doesn't depend on the Internet connection. It never forces you to set up an account. Text moves a simple mobile owner in the middle of a messaging mass, making him/her part of this community, without any fuss.

This was just a short review for why I text daily. I'm sure there is more data out there, some of it may not be as optimistic. Keep looking closely. You will surely find some info that you haven't read before.

New reasons to adopt or dump an SMS marketing strategy, can turn up after answering these general questions:


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