So many roles, so little Facebook time!

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
22 March 2013
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It's easy to differentiate roles and assign duties when you have 5 Facebook admin positions to choose from. Limit and extend attributions and have your team working around the clock. Sound easy enough.

This post will explain the differences between the 5 positions and help you see their advantages and disadvantages.

These are the five positions available to be set your Facebook business page:

1. Manager - can manage admin roles, write posts, create ads, view insights. It can basically do all the of the others' roles combined.

2.Content Creator – writes posts, creates ads, views insights. Cannot add roles ( name or ban admins) or delete the page.


There's a keyword for that

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
28 September 2012
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Such a fuss over nothing. What can metadata really do? Isn't it enough to publish, make the best of your distribution channels and wait for the results to come bursting in? Well, no.

As there is so much information available online, the search engines are thought to provide the most relevant pieces on a certain subject. If your content – no matter how perfectly composed it may be – is not considered to be connected to the main search idea, then you might have put in a lot of effort into nothing. Or for a limited number of viewings only.

That's where the metadata's role comes in. It makes your information relevant - firstly to search engines, secondly to the prospects using them. It's not a magic potion and can't transform your site's traffic overnight. But it can, in time, get more attention for your causes.

As you've noticed, all articles in Jentla have metadata tabs, enabling you to make use of the search engine results. Except for these easy ways of taking care of your customers searches, there are also other tips and tricks to help prospects find you quickly. For beginner metadata users, here is some important information to get you started:



23 ideas for marketing right

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Written by Alexandra Coroian
26 June 2013
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So much talk about online marketing. It makes you really dizzy thinking about the millions of people having an opinion on the subject. While some of them are simply talking to the wind, there are some who are making a difference to providing important online marketing insights. In case you've missed their talks or sites, here's a sum-up of the best marketing ideas that you could use for your own business, from launching to making a profit :

1. Decide what you are selling. Create a strong brand

2. Decide who you are selling to. Identify your target customers

3. Sell originally. Choose your niche.

4. Take the time to evaluate your competition. Be where your competition is not


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